Sicily Italy Churches and Ruins

Monday, April 21, 2014. We were winding down our trip. Just one day after this - Pompeii - and then we were heading home. I was both sad that the trip was coming to an end and ready to head home again.

Sicily Italy Churches and Ruins After yesterday's mob-of-taxi-drivers in Sardinia I was expecting the worst here in Sicily, but while they were aggressive, they didn't seem as bad. Or maybe we were just far less likely to give them even the hint of a smile this time. Our first stop was to go into a pottery shop so Jenn could by something. It was a lovely place, quiet, and restful.

We had no real "must-sees" for Palermo. We had a few spots on our map - the Opera House where the Godfather III was filmed, some churches, but that was pretty much it. We were just going to wander around a bit and then go back to the ship. So we mostly meandered along streets. Took photos of churches. Meandered. Took photos of the opera house. Meandered. More churches and statues. Meandering.

We came across an indoor restaurant - there weren't many of the "open air" types of places along these busy streets. We were the only people in there, but they had wi-fi. We had a lovely lunch and relaxed. Then more meandering.

As we got back to the waterfront we found an old set of ruins and took lots of photos of the ruins and boats. There was a cool weathered boat that I took quite a number of photos of.

Then, eventually, back onto the ship.

A quiet day, which was nice.

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Sicily Italy Churches and Ruins Photos

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Sicily Italy Churches and Ruins Photos

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