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Monday, April 14, 2014. Jenn's birthday! And our landing in Monte Carlo. Land of James Bond. It's own tiny little country. This was the only spot on our cruise that we had to tender in. That means we had to ride in little boats from the main ship onto land. We couldn't just walk off the ship and onto land.

Monte Carlo Monaco Photos We decided to all go in together and explore the Japanese gardens. So when they announced the tenders were available, we headed down. Note that even though the waters were "calm" this still wasn't easy! I have a video. The ship was bouncing around and you had to sort of "jump" from the main ship onto the little one.

So, we land on shore. The gardens are along the shore to the east a ways. We begin walking. There's a lot of construction here - they're building the courts for a tennis match. We actually got to watch the match on the ship a few days later. Note that the sidewalks here aren't great. There were lots of walking along narrow areas on the side of the road. On the up side, there were Porsche and Ferrari driving past. Very cool cars :).

The gardens were ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I took tons and tons of photos. There was a group of tiny ducklings! They were so cute. We spent all morning in the gardens. They are serene, peaceful, and beautiful. They had arched bridges, quiet paths, small buildings to rest by, and a dock area with a few Japanese dolls. Note that this is one of the few places on the entire trip that had public toilets. I suppose with the rich and famous in Monaco, they didn't want them to have to go hunting for one if they need one. It was fairly grimy, but it was free.

We did go by the world-famous casino, but not only was it closed, but they only let you in with formal dress.

That being done, it was lunchtime. So we walked back to the dock area.

Monte Carlo Monaco Photos The other four went back on board, but Jenn and I stayed on shore and had lunch at a nice waterfront cafe with free wifi. We loaded up lots of photos and information :). I had a delicious salad with asian flavorings to it.

Then it was time to go to the zoo!

I nearly got us lost, but Jenn saved the day and soon enough we were there. We paid the entrance fee and bought some bags of popcorn to feed the animals. It was a ton of fun! There were even workmen in one exhibit and they let us take photos of them :). Fun fun. They had a huge cage of parakeets!

Finally it was time to head back. It was easy enough to get back to the tender spot, and soon enough we were getting into a tender to go back to the ship. Easy peasy.

I'm so glad I got good walking shoes and did long walks each day before we came on this trip! I think we walkked 14,000 steps today. My feet and legs felt fine, because I'd prepared for it.

We got back to the room, and Jenn had streamers and a cupcake! Very cool.

Monte Carlo Monaco Photos Then dinner - I had the pork and spinach, hold the potatoes. Then the spa, rest, and contentment!

I'll make a note here about the wine on the ship. Availability was just wild. Some days they were "all out" of Meridian Chardonnay. The next day it'd be available at Bar #1 but not bar #2. There were days we asked for four different wines during dinner and all were sold out. It's not that they were getting more in - they only stock up once at the beginning. It's that different servers and different locations had different stashes. The main bar ran out of club soda half way through the trip and never got any more in! Oddities :).

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