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Tuesday, April 15, 2014. We were now in France. Three countries in three days! Very cool. This was going to be our only day in France. We were going to make it count. I'd read that Toulon had a very cool Photography Museum, and I definitely wanted to check it out. Jenn was game to try it with me.

Toulon France Photography Museum Photos While Toulon wasn't a tender location, it did still involve a boat ride. The place where the NCL Jade docked didn't have anything at all there. You could either walk a little bit to a smaller town, or you could take a free "water taxi" across the harbour to Toulon. We, of course, opted for the water taxi. We were lucky that we got to the taxi just before it left - apparently you could wait a fair amount of time for one to arrive and then to fill up. The ride across the harbor was lovely.

Toulon itself is a small, quiet town. Quaint. We found a cool Russian market complete with all sorts of Russian dolls and other items in it. Jenn got some more Kinder Surprise Eggs :). Then it was time to track down the Photography Museum.

It was only a short walk away, in a fairly seedy part of town. Run down buildings, falling down buildings, that sort of thing. The museum was two tiny rooms. The entire museum was dedicated to a photography exhibit of Istanbul in the late 1800s / early 1900s.

Toulon France Photography Museum Photos While I liked the photos, all the descriptions said they had historic Man Ray photos here, and other similar works. We asked the guy watching over the exhibit, but he said, no. It's just this. This was one of the only times on the entire trip that we hit someone who didn't really speak English.

As we were leaving, he pointed us across the street at another door and said that was a gallery too. Intrigued, we went across. The guys lurking around the door seemed interested as we approached and asked if we'd like to see their show. Sure thing.

WOW. It was amazing!! I love this kind of stuff. It was all avante garde, cool juxtapositions. It was just a narrow little room - and then another next to it - and it was just cool thing after cool thing. I had an absolute blast here. Happy happy happy. Artwork with black light. Artwork showing sound as line patterns. Artwork mixing things together. I was so inspired.

For example, they had skiis made out of glass. Skiis are supposed to be durable and protect you from harm. Having them made out of glass was the opposite of helpful :).

They also had a cool video exhibit where a man was standing by one of those "rotating billboards" that change every 30 seconds or so. The kind on the corner of a street that is about human-high and maybe four feet wide. The video shows the man just standing there, and then he turns and does something to the billboard. Then the billboard rotates again and the company's name is shown as part of this ad - but the man has added a letter to the glass front of the billboard in just the right place so now the word is something else. We had to ask, since it was in French, but apparently it went from DOIG which was the company name to DOIGT which means "finger". It's sort of hard to describe, but it was so cool to see him "change" the billboard on the fly like that.

Toulon France Photography Museum Photos OK, now we were hungry. Normally until now we'd just wandered a little and easily came across a street-side cafe with wifi to hang out at. Not here!

We tried one place. They only served drinks. We walked a long way down a street with no restaurants at all. But this was all meant to be ... because we came around the corner and found a Cartaginian restaurant!! How cool is that! This cruise was supposed to go to Carthage and we were all greatly disappointed when they changed the itinerary. We were so happy that we could at least try the food.

And the food was delicious :). Stew served over cous cous. Tasty tasty.

This is also the only place I actually bought anything. This fantastic paper shop had mobiles and hanging strings of items that were very pretty. I bought a string of hanging origami lotus flowers and one of sea creatures for our cabin. I love them. So those are my two mementos from this trip.

Then back to the water taxi spot, back to the ship, and serenity!

For dinner I had the Mediterranean chicken breast with artichokes and spinach. Tonight the dining crew sang "Happy" to us, dancing and waving. I took a video :).

Then the spa, then sleep!

Note that the file names for this EOS40D set might seem a bit odd. It's because the camera reset its numbering partway through the day. I had to rearrange the photos so they laid out in order.

While I'm at it, our cabin person wasn't really attentive. We only got four towel animals, I think, on the entire trip. So far we have a dog and a rabbit. I think we eventually also get a dinosaur and an elephant. Also, as a silver member, I'm supposed to get chocolates every night, which we were looking forward to, but noooooo. I eventually called out of curiosity and did get little Andes style mints each night. My mom's a silver member, she didn't call, and she never got any. So someone is not paying attention to those sorts of things.

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Toulon France Photography Museum Photos Photos

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Toulon France Photography Museum Photos Photos

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