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Thursday, April 17, 2014. After yesterday's marathon amount of stressful walking, we were both ready to take it VERY easy in Valencia. No stress, no long hikes, just relaxation. So we agreed to take it easy and simply find a wi-fi cafe on land to relax at and soak in the sights.

Valencia Spain Tour Photos We had a leisurely breakfast at the Blue Lagoon, an on-ship cafe which is open 24 hours. It's quiet and peaceful in there. That's where Jenn had dinner last night. Then, when we were ready, we went downstairs to the shuttle. In Valencia, the ship docks far away from everything. So they have a shuttle - I think it was 5 euros each. It charges to your room, so you don't need money. They put a sticker on your key card and you have unlimited access to go back and forth all day long. So a reasonably good deal.

So, off the shuttle bus goes, and it's a fair drive, maybe 15 minutes. They drop you off at a RANDOM STREET CORNER. It's not a bus station or parking lot or anything else. People were worried about finding it again, but the bus driver didn't speak English to talk to them! You'd think that would be an important thing for a NCL-specific shuttle bus to have.

In any case, we took lots of photos all around the area so at least if we got lost we could show a photo of the cross-street-signs to someone and say "how do we get HERE?"

So, off we went. It was fairly pretty in here, with quaint streets and lovely architecture.

We finally found a large, open plaza with grass and buildings on all sides and a number of nice looking restaurants. We found a seat and had them open an umbrella for us. It seemed like most people were craving the basking-in-the-sun thing but we were hiding in the shade :).

The food was really good. Calamari rings, tapas (small tasting menus of various items) and so on. Lovely, lovely. Gentle sun, a cool breeze, wi-fi, and we were quite content.

Valencia Spain Tour Photos Musicians came by to play for us. I took a video of that, below. Jenn is eating Helado de Horchata - Horchata Ice Cream. This means it's made with tigernuts. Tigernuts aren't actually nuts. They're the round root of a weed. The root is also called an "earth almond."

Finally it was time to meander off. We worked our way back around to the pick-up spot without too much trouble. Then it was a simple shuttle ride back to the boat. A stress-free day at a leisurely pace. I liked it.

For dinner I had the grilled mahi-mahi with the artichokes, in honor of our artichoke Easter season. Then the spa trip, and sleep.

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Valencia Spain Tour Photos Photos

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Valencia Spain Tour Photos Photos

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