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Friday, April 18, 2014. We are now at Good Friday. We are also on Majorca Island, which is to the southeast of Spain. This is part of Spain. Our cruise wasn't originally supposed to go to Majorca. We were supposed to go to Carthage - a place we were greatly looking forward to. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago when the NCL Jade docked in Carthage the Carthage government refused to let any Israeli tourists off the boat. NCL wasn't happy about Carthage picking and choosing which of their passengers were allowed to disembark, and they changed ports.

Majorca Spain Island Photos So, here we were. It was certainly a lovely island, with a big cathedral, gorgeous fountains, and lots of little, windy streets.

Jenn and I were still recovering from the massive walking of Barcelona and were playing it low key here as well. Our only desire was to wander into town, find a wi-fi cafe to rest at, and head back to the ship.

First, I had an interview with the chef to talk with him about what it's like to cook for a massive ship full of people with a variety of tastes. I'll transcribe that later. I had to eat a pastry puff for breakfast, which I wasn't too keen on, but it was better than trying to last until lunch without any food.

Just as with Valencia, we had to take a shuttle into town. You weren't allowed to walk through the dock area on foot, for security reasons. So even though it's a quite short ride, you had to pay the 5 Euro each fee (billed to your room) and get a sticker on your card for unlimited shuttle access.

Majorca Spain Island Photos We took the shuttle in. The dock area is fairly nice. The cathedral is right there. There's also a massive sundial. There was a HUGE crowd at the cathedral because a reenactmetn of the 12 Stations of Christ was going on.

We walked into town some more and ended up doing a loop. Unlike the other towns we'd visited so far, there weren't wi-fi restaurants about. We finally found a crowded square which did have wi-fi and where nearly every table was occupied. We found a pair of seats and snagged them.

On the other hand, like most other towns, everyone was basking in the sun except for us. One of the locals came over and said he had a bet with his wife about where we were from. Undoubtedly because we were covered up from head to toe with big hats on. When we told him the US, apparently he lost the bet. He had probably guessed England :).

They only had sandwiches here, so a bit disappointing as I wanted to have non-bread and something "interesting". Still, the sandwich was good. It seems like today was going to be my pastry-day. The guy didn't ring us up properly and undercharged us, but luckily Jenn noticed that and had him fix it.

Majorca Spain Island PhotosEuro exchange rates at the exchange station there was 1 Euro for 0.7086 dollars. The OANDA rate for that day was 0.07228.

We got back easily, and after a while of reading we went up to the Blue Lagoon for a snack. I had their won ton soup, which I like a lot, plus a chef salad.

And, eventually, dinner, I had leg of lamb with green beans.

To the spa, and to sleep!

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Majorca Spain Island Photos Photos

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Majorca Spain Island Photos Photos

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