Jul 08 to July 09 - Prague

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Friday Night. July 8th. I tend to be busy 24 hours a day so I was packing at the very last second, of course. My mail file was still compressing down for the transfer after two full days. So there was a bit of chaos. Still, I made it to my flight out of Logan at 8:35pm with a back-up of the mail file and I was off! Luftansa does a nice job with their flights. Reasonably good food and personal entertainment stations. We landed in Munich, Germany in the morning of Saturday, July 9th and got onto a fairly small plane. The kind that has wheel-up stars to climb to get into it. Gorgeous scenery along the way.

Germany Landscape

Another hour and we were in Prague, in the Czech Republic!

Czechoslovakia used to be controlled by the Soviet Union until they broke free in 1989 in a fairly peaceful "Velvet Revolution." And then in 1993 Slovakia (the east) broke away from the west (Czech). So now those are two separate countries, each still fairly influenced by that Soviet past.

Prague is famous for its gorgeous traditional buildings which went largely untouched by World War II. It also has some of the world's most beautiful historic libraries!

I was picked up at the airport by the Avalon team who drove me and several others to the Intercontinental Hotel. Like many cities the architecture along the way was a mix of old and new, of well maintained and sort of iffy. There were classic homes next to a McDonalds.

Germany Landscape

Germany Landscape

Finally we reached the Intercontinental.

The Intercontinental is a lovely hotel, in the blocky Soviet style, right a few blocks away from the historic Old Town of Prague. It's on the river Vltava. There's a massive Prague Castle overlooking the city. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.

We had a lovely dinner at Pepenero, an Italian restaurant right next to the hotel. My water glass made a cool inverted image of the traditional buildings along the square, and then the reflection of that on the table was right-side up.

Prague Czech Republic

Here's a view of the square in front of the hotel. Quite classic and lovely.

Prague Czech Republic

At this point we were exhausted. It was time to sleep - we had a busy tour day scheduled for Sunday!

I've got a slideshow of 120 images from this trip. It starts here:

Prague Slideshow

The next day, Sunday, July 10th, was a full-morning tour of Prague Castle, then a walk around the traditional Old Town of Prague in the afternoon!

July 10 in Prague

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