Lisa's Mulled Wine and Eggnog Recipes and Tips

Welcome to my Mulled Wine Page! I've been collecting Mulled Wine recipes, tips, and suggestions for many years. The word "mulled" simply means heated and spiced. Many liquids can be mulled - mead, cider, and of course wine. Mulled wine is a traditional favorite in cooler locations, and goes well with the various celebrations that come around the end of the year.

Mulled wines have a long history. In medieval times these wines were called Ypocras or Hipocris, named after the physician Hippocrates. They were thought to be very healthy, and indeed, with wine at the time being far more sanitary than water, these heated drinks did keep people healthy through the cold winters.

Featured Mulled Wines

Clarence's Mulled Wine from It's a Wonderful Life
Mulled Wine With Brandy
Mulled Wine with Cinnamon & Cognac
Lemon Orange Mulled Wine
Cardamon Mulled Wine

Historic Mulled Wines

A History of Mulled Wine
Mulled Wine from 1660 England
Mulled Wine from 1851 Colonial America
Negus - Victorian Mulled Wine for the Kids


A History of Eggnog
George Washington's Eggnog
"Tom and Jerry" 1820s Eggnog
Eggnog with Baileys
Eggnog with Amontillado Sherry
Cooked-egg Eggnog
Hot Milk Posset - to help kids sleep


A History of Glogg
Glogg with Cardamom and Raisins
Glogg with Madeira
Glogg with Vodka
Historic 1847 Glogg
Flaming Glogg

Hot Cider

A History of Cider
Hot Spiced Apple Champagne Punch
Hot Ginger Apple Cider

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