Evalute your Skills

If you're going to work from home, you are going to be "doing something" that people find of value and are willing to pay you money for. It is critical that you ealuate your skills and find out what you are good at doing, that people would be willing to pay for the results. You can't trick people into paying money for a worthless item. That doesn't last very long and can easily get you thrown into jail. Someone was just tossed into jail for 20 years for sending email spam! You need to find something that truly and honestly is a QUALITY product that you can then build a business around.

Sit down and be brutally honest about your skills. Talk to friends and family to get feedback on what talents you have. Not only do you need to be talented in the area - but you have to enjoy doing it, too. If you are a great painter but you hate the act of painting, you will be miserable. Life is too short to be miserable - it's best to find another way to earn your living.

Can you paint or draw? Sew or embroider? Create soaps, candles, lotions? Turn wood or create pottery? I know many, many people who have built home businesses out of each of these tasks. In each case, the more they practiced, the better they got, the more that their reputation spread and the higher price they could charge for their items.

Practical Skill
Can you shingle a house, or do plumbing? Can you fix a car or plow a driveway? Some of these tasks require special licensing while others do not. Make a list of the skills you have and identify which you would be willing to focus on.

Nutrition and Health
Are you a great cook? Do you like focussing on healthy foods? Are you into yoga, tai-chi or weight loss? There are millions of people actively looking to eat more healthily or to lose weight. Personal chefs are becoming more and more popular. Again, some of these tasks might require licensing, look into that and see if you'd truly be happy working on this task full time.

Scholarly Skill
Are you a great writer or chemist? There are many, many tests for kids to pass in the modern school system and parents are always looking for tutors. You can also write freelance on many topics for magazines and newspapers. Identify which areas most interest you and are backed up by your talents.

Do you love budgies? Can you easily identify quality porcelain from eBay photos? Make a list of the hobbies you have that you are talented in. There might be a way to turn one of those into a small business.

Once you have made a list of your skills and talents, really sit down and figure out which one you would be HAPPY working on 24 hours a day. A small business is rarely an "occasional" task especially when it is getting started. It really needs to be something you think about constantly, that you mention often in conversations and are willing to go out and promote. The success of this venture will rest squarely on your shoulders. Many people complain about "luck" or "timing" being off with a small business launch. But in the end it really comes down to the research, efforts, talent and training of the person doing the work. I've seen ideas that were brilliant fail because the person was so shy they would not tell anyone about it. I've also seen ideas that were very iffy succeed brilliantly because the person put in the time, research and energy to find the way to make it work.

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