Getting Rich Quick

Probably THE most important advice I can give you is to NOT BUY THOSE GET-RICH SCHEME BOOKS.

In the modern world we want everything quickly. We want to meet the perfect guy or girl in 30 seconds or less. We want a diet pill that makes us slim instantly, and more pills to make us have either big breasts or so on. We want to be rich right away, without any work.

With those Get Rich Quick books, the way the sellers get rich is to convince people to pay them to buy the books. Then those who buy the books are tricked into selling books to other people, and so on. If these books really worked, and millions of people buy them a year, wouldn't they all be millionares if this system was valid?

One of the most common schemes is the mailing-label one. You pay for a list of mailing labels and then "market" to it - they promise some phenomonally high return values. I have heard from many people who tried them and had ZERO RESPONSE. Just about every person simply throws those into the trash.

A small business requires a lot of effort - so the key is to find something you LOVE doing so you will actively enjoy putting in that effort. The way to succeed at working from home is to find something you are really good at and enjoy doing, put the time into learning how to do it very well, and then learn how to market your skill and product.

I can help you with all of these things. Remember, it's not magic. It is capitalism, that people will pay you for a product they find of value. The product MUST BE OF VALUE for this to really succeed! It is your job to figure out what you can create that IS of value, and how to promote it to your audience.

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