Achieve Anything in Just One Year

In Achieve Anything in Just One Year, author Jason Harvey takes us day by day through 365 motivational ideas. He has them grouped into topic areas, so for a while you work on procrastination, for another while you work on planning, and so on. Each day has a quote, some thoughts about that quote, and then some suggestions for journaling, practice runs, contemplation, or other to-do items.

You can of course read this day by day, or you can simply sit down and go through it to draw in the information. That's what I did. The downside of course is that you're not giving yourself the time to really absorb each lesson and do the practices he suggests. A good compromise would be to read it through, to get an idea of what the information is, and then go back and do the day by day tasks. That way you can draw in the easier tips at once, but also give the more in depth suggestions the focus they deserve.

As with most self-help books many of these tips are common sense, but they are useful to give thought to and work on. Yes we know it's good to be kind to others. But do we actually try, each day, to do a kind act for a stranger? Wouldn't our world be better if we did? Are we grateful for the things we have? Do we aim high?

There are a lot of great tips in here. Realize how powerful music can be to set a tone, and set up playlists to help support the moods you are aiming for at a given time - creative, energized, serene, or so on. Life is short - enjoy it. Pick just ONE clean-up chore in the house and get that done. Appreciate the beauty of life. Say no to a wrong path, even if it's rough. Be mindful without judging. Meditate five minutes a day. Laugh.

I love so many of the tips in here. Instead of waiting passively for inspiration to strike you, create an inspiration-rich environment. What inspires YOU? Nature? Art? Music? Then find ways to add those things into your life! Think of success as a wild, appealing little animal that wants a home. How do you set up that home to lure it in? Dr. Seuss was rejected by **27** publishers. Where would our world be if he gave up?

Set up a weekly "checkup" in your schedule to look at where you can improve, and continually tweak your life. We all have learning experiences, but do we all learn from them? Find ways to forgive people in your life. This does not mean condone!! It means you release your *own* energy for better purposes.

Yes again some of it might seen common sense. That's fine! We all clearly need to focus more on common sense items. Also some of the examples seem nearly duplicate. Craig on page 291 is a near clone of Jimmy on page 82. So that could have been expanded a bit. Still, minor complaints in a wonderfully inspirational book.

Highly recommended.

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