There's an important preface to begin this review with. That is that all of us learn in different sorts of ways. Some of us are visual learners. Some prefer hearing audio lectures. Others prefer hands-on activities. That is fine. It's good to find books that connect with your style. The style of THIS book is that it is full of stories, and it is full of "background of word X" explanations. Some people might find those things childish and distracting. They might want a book that just says straightforwardly "Do X. Then do Y." Those people would not be a good fit for this book. However, if you are the sort who draws meaning from real life stories, who is willing to sit back and hear about an experience to help figure out how a given message is important, and who finds the underlying power of words to be important, the book will be immensely useful to you. Kevin Hall uses a mixture of stories, word meanings, and history to help lay out a step by step path towards reaching your goals.

Kevin's system is to choose a set group of words - pathfinder, namaste, passion, sapere vedere, humility, inspire, empathy, coach, ollin, and integrity - to set out the tasks for you to take on. He explains the power of each word through his personal stories and through investigation of the word. He helps you to understand why the word is important - and then he sets out tasks for you to then build your own power in that area.

Here's just one story. A basketball team had the dream of playing at the LA Superdome. The put up posters all over their locker room of the Superdome and they made it their focus in life. They visualized themselves there, winning. And sure enough, they reached their goal.

When elderly executives are asked what they would have done differently in their life, a majority say that they would have set their goals earlier, would have focused their vision of what they wanted to work on.

Kevin doesn't expect you to do this on your own. He talks repeatedly about how powerful mentors and coaches are. For every word, he wants you to find someone in your life who can help you become better at it. Find a pathfinder to mentor you. Find a passion-filled person to excite you. Don't rely on just one person - every individual has different strengths. Build a team to learn from.

Kevin emphasizes that each of us can shine. We have to find our unique talents and focus on them. "Every wall has a door," said Ralph Waldo Emerson. See your vision, envision it clearly, and then find support to help you get there. Always keep learning. Maintain a beginner's mind.

You could say a lot of this is simple and is covered in countless other books, but if people knew this information solidly we'd all have achieved our goals and be perfectly content. Sometimes it helps to hear it one more time, with a new twist, for the message to sink in.

Lance Armstrong had not just one coach, but many. He achieved his goals. He had to fight cancer to do it, too! Other stories in this book relate to people who have serious challenges in their lives. They surmount those hurdles to find success. You start to realize that if they could do it, the rest of us have a chance too.

Is there a downside? Again, if you're bored by stories, you'll wish he would "get to the point" and tell you what to do. But there are plenty of other books out there geared towards straightforward 1-2-3 tasks. This book does well for making a connection with those who relate to stories and personal triumphs.

Well recommended.

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