Body, Mind, and Spirit

Body, Mind, and Spirit publisehd by Fireside Parkside is a page-a-day inspiration book. Each day begins with a famous quote. For example August 27th starts with "I consider it unmanly for any person to claim superiority over a fellow being" by Mahatma Gandhi. Then the page provides a few paragraphs discussing that topic. What does it really mean. How can we apply it to our own lives. Then it ends with an italicized suggestion for how you can implement that quote, today, in what you do.

You can use this as a daily diary - a way to focus on something new each day - or you can page through the book, stopping on a page that catches your eye. There is always a way to draw inspiration into your world.

Although the book is neutrally subtitled "daily inspiration for healing and wholeness" it seems to be heavily slanted towards recovering from an addiction. Pages will talk about the "twelve steps" and a "higher power". If you're looking solely for an inspirational book about joy and bliss, you might be discouraged by some of the entries in here. Of course, if you are trying to cope with recover, then this is probably the perfect book for you.

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