Contemporary Business Communication

This is one of the most expensive textbooks I have purchased during my college career, and I've bought some fairly pricey, dense textbooks. So a key question many people will be asking is if it's worth this high price.

The book is in full color. This might be useful if it was a book on graphic design, but it's a book on how to write content persuasively. They use the color to make the word "Not" in red and "but" in blue. Was that really necessary? Oh, they have cartoons as well. I would have gladly paid half this price (i.e. bring it down into normal textbook price range) and lost the cartoons and colored words.

There were very useful examples in here. If you're writing an "apology" style letter to someone, still find a way to make the letter upbeat. Yes, apologize, explain what happened, and end on an upbeat note. Treat the customer respectfully and if they are partially at fault phrase that section in neutral language. Your aim is to resolve the issue and maintain a good reputation.

While I was taking this course I was actively using the suggestions in each chapter in my own work life. I was immediately putting the suggestions into action and tweaking my own correspondence to be more effective. So that seems to indicate to me that the material was useful and well presented.

Still, I just cant' get over this astronomically high price. There's no reason for this material to cost this much. It could easily have been presented in black and white for half as much. There's a reason that there's a stereotype of "starving college student" - and books like this are the reason why.

Time for a new version that's not a solid color one.

UPDATE: I had to use this book for two different classes now, so I've been through the material twice. I've found a number of errors in it and reported the most egregious ones to the author. I do give him kudos for responding back and putting the issues on the list of things to fix for the upcoming version.

I still feel strongly that the information could easily be presented in a less expensive manner. I have many other books on writing which are incredibly useful and do not fill pages up with cutesy riddles and fluff. This book was purchased with my own funds.

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