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I highly believe in the Career Renegade path. I work from home, I work with topics I adore, I enjoy what I do every day. I actively want to help others feel this same contentment in what they do. I honestly feel Jonathan Fields does a great job of helping to illustrate to readers just how to achieve this balance in their own lives.

I have read many management books over the years. Many focus on how to get the most money or how to work the most hours. Jonathan takes a different approach. He wants to make sure you love what you do - and that you can pay the bills too. It is this balance that is critical to success.

Jonathan has explicit, pointed advice for how to navigate this tricky path. If someone harasses you with "you will never succeed", don't argue. Instead, say "just watch me." Set up multiple streams to support your success. Create a safety net as much as you can.

Jonathan pushes you to brainstorm. Say you had a benefactor who gave you money to live on with the qualification that you "had to work". What would you choose to do? What would you enjoy spending your day at?

You need to surround yourself with like-minded, supportive people. You want people who believe in your dreams, who encourage you to even greater heights.

It's important to brainstorm about unique combinations. You like to draw - so decorate fancy cakes! You like to knit, so teach at a local school! Do market research, work with ClickBank, SEABook and to figure out what is working out there. Scan CraigsList and eBay to see what works. Take every free course you can. Learn constantly. Especially focus on learning to write, to express yourself well. This is critical in the online world.

On the other hand, he offers VERY questionable suggestions. Steal other peoples' blog data and post it in your own area? Spend your life regurgitating others' work? This type of idea bothers me a lot.

Still, he does have some good ideas. Help out reporters because it gets you free publicity. Seriously investigate risks of striking out on your own, but then take the step to do it. Visualize your success daily, and strive towards it. Identify problems - don't ignore them - and figure out solutions. Accept that there are objections and find realistic answers to them. Optimize your finances to live on as little money as you can, and build up your savings. Gather a network of mentors and supporters.

There are many stories in our modern economy of people failing and blaming the economy - but in a number of cases they are people who wildly launched out on new careers and then were surprised when their venture failed. It was not really a story of the economy being bad - it was a story of the person not taking basic preparatory steps. I definitely think this is a great time for people to start their own business, to launch out on their own. However, they need to be PRUDENT in what they do. They need to get themselves set for the change, just like in any economy. Career Renegade is a great book to help people do just that, and to ensure this launch they take is NOT one they get 3 months into and say "oops I made a mistake, I want to go back to my old job now."

Well recommended.

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