Consumer Behavior

I am about to graduate from Northeastern and this was the book for one of my final elective courses, Consumer Behavior. I run several websites so it is absolutely critical to me to understand how web visitors think about content, make selections, and build affinities with brands. The book provided wonderful information in all areas.

The book is full color and provides a wealth of examples of ads, labels, and other material so you can understand what is being presented. You can see visually how some styles of promotions draw users in, while others repel the users to convince them to stop doing something (for example, using drugs). The book uses real life stories mixed in with theoretical explanations to help you explain the concepts.

There is a good mix of cross-cultural information, to help readers understand how marketing to an American audience differs from marketing to the Chinese, for example. It also delves thoroughly into sub cultures, from African Americans to tweens to Harley riders. It discusses the challenges of narrowing down social class in our mobile society. It discusses how buyers have ongoing "wars" in their heads between the rational decision making process and the emotion-driven pleasure center.

I enjoyed the book immensely and found much of its material immediately valuable for my daily work. I imagine most people who read this will find it helpful, if not for what they do for a living, then in how they themselves are being marketed to and are making decisions.

I have a minor "factual" issue I'd like to point out. On page 535 the author perpetuates the myth that we don't throw rice at weddings now because it makes birds' stomachs' explode. This absolutely is NOT TRUE. Birds eat rice naturally and their bodies deal with it fine, even when it's not cooked. There were no rice cookers in nature :). The reason churches asked people to stop throwing rice is that it's a royal pain to clean up.

So, that point aside, I do recommend the book.

I purchased this book with my own funds to take my class.

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