Convergence Journalism - Janet Kolodzy

Convergence Journalism by Janet Kolodzy is, if nothing else, a clear indication of just how quickly the world is changing and how material has to change in order to keep up with it. Back in 2006, when Ms. Kolodzy wrote this book, I'm sure it was cutting edge. The chapters discuss how TV stations were entering the world of the internet, how radio stations were merging, and so on. This was all exciting and new.

However, here we are in 2012 and it's all quite old hat. Of course we expect our local CBS station to have a website where we can follow the news. Of course our local papers have websites where we can chime in with our views on issues and get up to date information. This is all normal and expected.

The book uses for examples stories like Eli Manning's first NFL training camp in 2004. With all the wild things that have gone on that lit up the blog-o-sphere and Twitter feeds in the past few years, far more potent examples could be given.

Yes the details about "components of a good print story" are going to be valid decades from now - but that is not what this book is about. The book is about how the various styles of news are converging and merging. It's fairly critical for that to be up to date, not a historic review.

What struck me most about this book is that - for all of its focus on a variety of media options - there is no online component! Every other textbook I get, from statistics to marketing to crisis communication, has an online component to it with video and audio. And here we have a topic which is ALL ABOUT how these various worlds interact, and all we have is the written book! This absolutely should have come with audio clips, video clips, multimedia presentations, and a full offering so that we could see first hand how a story's nature changes based on how it was presented. Instead all we can do is read about it in our book and try to imagine it.

If ever a book was greatly in need of an updated version in order to remain relevant, this book is it.

Rating: 3/5

I purchased this book with my own funds in order to take my class.

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