Enough Already!

Peter Walsh is a well known organizational guru who helps people get their lives organized. This book is all about your MENTAL organization. It assumes you have already worked on your physical clutter - your home is at least getting into line. This book helps you take that next step. That being said, it would have been really good if the book made that clear on the outside. I realize they want "everyone" to to buy the book, not just people with clean homes. On the other hand, though, the book says in it "with your house clean, let's start working on your mind." People with messy houses will feel like the book doesn't apply to them.

The book goes through different aspects of your mental life and talks about how to deal with each one. For example, relationships. You clear out the distractions of old relationships that went poorly. You create realistic expectations of what you want. Every day you make just one little thing better, and those steps add up.

As you can see, none of these things are rocket science - but they are certainly true. The items brought up are in work, family, money, health, and spirituality. They again are often common sense but meaningful. Find interesting ways to eat in to save money, rather than going out. Work diligently on cutting your high interest credit cards.

So again - brilliant insights, no. But obviously LOTS of people are not doing these things, if you take even a casual glance around our world. People obsess about old relationships and let them destroy their current lives. People mis-manage their finances. They really do need to hear some of these simple messages and start to follow them.

The small quizzes and lists in the book are typical of what you find in most self help books, and they serve the same purpose - to get you to interact, to think and actually put into motion some of what's being talked about. Many studies show that even the smallest amount of writing and visualizing can have a big impact on how well information seeps into your brain.

So, is this a scholarly tome on the intricacies of financial solvency? No. However, it does provide real advice on real situations that many people find their way into. It provides that information in easy to understand language, with real life examples that illustrate the points.

Could it provide far more on each topic? Sure it could! But then I really think it'd be far too much for someone to absorb. If someone really needs intensive help on credit repair, they should get a book on credit repair. They shouldn't expect this book to include every detail.

If someone doesn't find anything helpful in here, that's great! They are probably in fairly good shape. But for the people who juggle credit cards, eat out too much, hang on to old emotions long past they should, this book provides practical advice and a common-sense tone.

Well recommended.

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