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There are of course thousands of management books out there. I know I've read hundreds in the course of my career. It makes sense that many will cover the same ground. The question then comes down to how well they present the data and connect with the reader.

Game Plan is clearly written with a fun, sports theme in mind. This isn't a college course textbook. It's probably aimed at the people who would be bored silly by a dry recitation of facts. So that's the first thing to keep in mind here. That part is fairly obvious.

The part that's not made clear until you start reading is that the message is very Christian centered. I'm not saying this is a bad thing! There are certainly a large portion of readers who will be appreciative of that. However, I feel books should let you know before you buy them (especially if you're buying online) that there is an audience they are meant for. Those who feel uncomfortable about having messages like "every man has been designed by his Creator ..." and "man was created ... to reflect the Creator's story" peppered in their business instruction need to know the content has this slant to it.

So with those ground rules laid, how does the book present its information?

Much of what we get here is supportive and eye opening. The famous author Louis L'Amour, who sold 225 million copies of his books, got 350 rejection letters. 350! If he found success, so can you.

It's OK to say NO to a bad fit. Focus on long term relationships, not short term sales. Be genuine and honest. Teach your employees to dream. Always be ready, and always be professional. People are always watching and judging you. Map out your dreams, and write them down.

The book's message can be very powerful. "While there are a million ways to waste today, there is not even one single way to get it back." Think about that. This is the only chance you get at today, and then it's gone.

So what are the down sides?

The book is a bit tough to read in a recession period. The author talks about needing "only" ten thousand dollars to start the process. Only?? Most people I know are lucky to have "only" one thousand dollars in their bank account. Next, I have to admit I wince heavily when Tiger Woods is held up as a model of anything. I also tend to get interrupted in my reading enjoyment which I hit typos and word usage errors in an edited book. I'm happy to be lenient if it's a stay at home mom's self published Kindle biography. She doesn't have the resources to polish her book. I'm less lenient in a situation like this. And finally, the use of random clip-art filling the book was overkill. I don't need to see generic photos of "female face" to help learn business information. I am all for USEFUL inclusion of graphics. I'm against filler fluff.

So in general I would recommend the advice of the book if you're OK with a Christian slant and also the sports metaphors. Be accepting that there will be typos and other related issues. Look for the gems in here, and persevere!

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