It's always a delight when a book delivers what it promises. In "Happiness - the 21 day guide to living healthier, wealthier, & Wiser" by Todd Bottorff, we get just that. Todd promises in the intro that his tips are easy to understand, easy to do, and will help you make progress. They do just that.

The tips are not mind-blowingly complex, but that's the point. They are tips that just about any of us can do. Drink more water each day. Stretch every day, to build your health. Shut down all the TV news, and read it instead so you can pick and choose what messages you're receiving. As you're heading to sleep, cut out food, alcohol, and TV. Grab a book instead so you can get that sleep you so richly deserve.

The book helps you stay on track. You begin by writing down how you're doing in various areas - health, relationships, and so on. After you make that initial set of journal entries, there's a day by day checklist to help you keep track of how you do each day. At the end of 21 days you have a set of journal spots where you see how you feel about your different areas.

Many studies show that, if you keep at something new for several weeks in a row, it starts to become a habit. All of the items mentioned here are quite doable and are good habits to get into. Spend some driving time without any noise playing. Figure out your finances and keep track of them. Think more about the purchasing you're doing.

Perhaps the only entry here I really had an issue with was the "eat a big breakfast." That is fairly vague. What does that mean? A giant pile of donuts? An entire box of toaster pops? I definitely agree with having a *healthy* breakfast, but it doesn't need to be big. Certainly too many people skip breakfasts, but also too many people eat piles of junk.

Still, a minor complaint in a book that'll help get people moving in the right direction.

FTC Note - I was offered a review copy of this book by the publisher, and I accepted that review copy.

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