Hell, Yes!

This small, square book is meant as a quick read, not a long self-help tome. Each page might have just a few words - "Yes!" or "And anything worth doing" or an image of people boarding a plane. The key here is that it is meant to be a quick wake-up call. If you need long, drawn out instructions, then move along to another book. If you'd like a book to scan and refresh your resolve, this will do it.

Hell Yes Pretty much any self help book you read - and most religions as well - will tell you to determine your life's priorities and to work diligently towards them. Do not let yourself get sidetracked by inessentials. Yet modern society bombards us with distractions. Email invitations from people we rarely know. Pressure from work or school to take on new projects. We feel guilted into decisions, pressured into things we really are not that thrilled about.

This book gives you a kick. Are you thrilled about this party, or responsibility, or task? If not, then DO NOT DO IT. If you fill your life up with tons of things you aren't keen on, how could you ever have time in your life to do something you really love? You can't, because you are too busy. And you are too busy because you chose to accept "less than great" matches for you.

Yes you might feel guilty saying no at first. But here's a scenario. Say the PTA asks you to volunteer for a bake sale. You say no. They move on to the next parent and find someone who loves to make cupcakes! Now the other parent is thrilled and very happy. You have free time and can do something YOU love. Everyone wins. These situations can only occur if each person chases their dreams.

The key is not to try to see if something is "slightly better" than something else. If you feel only a mild inclination to take on a new project, then give it a pass. By having time free in your life, you will have less stress, and will have the ability to say "yes!" when that perfect project comes along.

Well recommended.

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