How to Find a Job Using Craigslist

I bought my copy of How to Find a Job Using Craigslist back in May, and here in September I've read it several times now. Each time I gain more information from it, honing my skills and improving my ability to work with Craigslist.

Author Susan Joyce is clearly an expert both with job hunting in general and with navigating Craigslist in particular. She breaks the tasks down into clear, easy to understand steps. She provides examples and graphics to help make the task crystal clear. She provides encouragement and suggestions along the way so you know your efforts will stand out above the competition.

A great aspect of her advice is that it applies to all sorts of things beyond the specific focus. That is, her tips about titles, language, and layout are perfect not just for Craigslist but for other posting sites as well. And, in terms of using Craigslist, her advice is great not only for posting about jobs but for posting about selling your old dining room set and all sorts of other things. The book becomes valuable for a wide range of situations.

Highly recommended. The information is useful, the tone is encouraging, and I've been able to help several friends and family with their job searches based on what I've learned.

FTC required statement of review product acquisition: I purchased How to Find a Job Using Craigslist with my own funds, here on Amazon. I was not compensated in any way for this review. I do know Susan Joyce and find her knowledge of job search and web technique to be exceptional. I use her suggestions for many of my own websites.

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