I'll Mature When I'm Dead

Let me first begin by saying I love Dave Barry's style of humor. It always baffles me when people write Dave angry mail thinking he is SERIOUS. Well, yes, he is serious in a way, that he's taking on topics that concern us all. But he doesn't believe vampires exist, or that the human colon has 24 miles of distance. Dave Barry is all about exaggeration to make a point, and humor to add delight into a day. He is, simply put, brilliant.

Dave Barry's book "I'll Mature When I'm Dead" is an all new set of essays, with one repeat on colonoscopy which I find so incredibly important that I feel it should be repeated in every single book he does. Each essay in this set is laugh out loud funny. This is the kind of book you could read ten times in a row and each time you realize yet another angle on something which is even more hilarious than before. Then you pass it along to friends to read, and soon regret it because they never give it back.

There are some essays in here that might appeal to some people more than others. I have been watching the TV show "24" since its inception, so I found the funny take on 24, complete with Jack, Chloe and Jack's of-the-moment love interest, to be absolutely hilarious. I wasn't quite as able to connect with the essay based on the Twilight series, but it is a testament to the brilliance of Dave Barry's writing style that I still found it absolutely hilarious. It was perfectly clear to me what he was making fun of, even though I have not read the book! Other essays on being a father, marriage, visiting Miami, saving the newspaper business from destruction, and more are letter perfect. You really could not ask for more.

(Well, you could ask for another book full of more essays, but undoubtedly that is heading on its way shortly).

Could I have any complaints with this? No. Well, yes. Clearly whatever he wrote that was making fun of Lord of the Rings was WRONG! Lord of the Rings was the ultimate movie known to mankind. That legion of fans who wrote him complaints - **in Elvish** - were simply trying to educate him in a better appreciation for the high literature of our day. I am sure it is only the high humidity in Miami which has temporarily warped Dave's mind and caused him unable to appreciate the ultimate perfection of Tolkien's works.

Still, a minor issue with a book which is clearly a must-have for any library. If you don't own this already, what's wrong with you? Click that 'buy' button and get one sent to you already. I suppose you could swing by your library - but then Dave might not think he's selling enough copies to make writing more a worthwhile pastime, and turn to something ludicrous like fishing or World Tour Poker! Do your part to ensure more Dave Barry material keeps flowing our way at a steady pace. Buy a copy. No, buy two. Or better yet, buy one for every person in your family. That way you won't find your book mysteriously missing after your brother-in-law stops by to borrow your lawnmower. You'll thank me for that later.

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