Inner Simplicity

Inner Simplicity by Elaine St. James is a small format book that contains 100 different 1-2 page items for you to ponder. For example, Item #36 says "Find a Teacher" and then muses on the idea that all of us can use teachers to help us expand our skills and knowledge. She offers that it's good to find teachers to help out - but that ultimately we're all responsible for our own growth. She then refers you to item #92 on listening.

So you page through to #92. This says "Learn to listen to your inner voice." Apparently this takes time and patience, but the end result is well worth it.

There are some items in here that I find questionable. For example item #85 says "Consult a psychic." In fact she begins this entry by saying, "Some people will no doubt take exception to this suggestion." You're definitely right there!! I don't want a book that is supposed to tell me how to SIMPLIFY my life to then instruct me to turn over cash to someone else to tell me what to do.

Come to think of it, wasn't she doing that in item #36 too? While on one hand she tells us to listen to ourselves, on the other hand she's telling us to go find others to listen to.

Aha! #54 - "Just say no." Here we go. She talks about how you need to control your own life, listen to your own voice, and do what you know is best for yourself and your future.

There is a lot of good common sense advice in here. Take it slow. Be patient. Be understanding of others. It's a good book to flip through and get insight on the situations you are facing.

But be sure you read it with an aware mind, and the ability to listen to your OWN heart and know when something does not tie in to your own personal beliefs.

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