Lessons of a Turtle

This mini-sized hardcover book is perfect for tucking into a purse, carrying in a glove compartment, or sliding into a yoga bag. It helps you remember to focus on what is important in life. You can make a practice of flipping it open to any page, to focus on the wisdom you're shown.

Lessons of a Turtle The book is about short sayings and simple turtle-based drawings. Even though the messages are short, they are very thought provoking. On one page the book asks "how did time-out become a punishment?" It is true - surely we all need a little time-out in our daily routine. Another page encourages "one thing at a time". In our multi-tasking world, that is something we can all remember.

I suppose I could nit-pick over a few of the entries. One says "don't worry about the other guy." I imagine what the turtle means is to dance as if nobody were watching - but still, the phrase bothers me a bit. I think it is a good thing to always want to help other people. On another page she says "wrinkle creams don't work as well as you hope they will." To me this goes against the page that says "it's hard to see your own beauty."

Still, in general the book has a number of great messages, and the turtle images are quite cute. I would give this to someone who is caught up in business, to remind them to slow down, smell the flowers, savor the special moments of each day.

Well recommended.

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