Lower Your Taxes - Big Time

The main focus of this book is that you should do something - anything - from home in order to reap the most tax benefits. It doesn't matter if you sell parakeet toys, write novels, work as a virtual assistant or run a day care. Anything you do from home can great increase your tax savings.

The chapters are laid out very well with step by step instructions, explicit tips, examples to help make the tips more clear, and charts to help explain any number-related items.

You don't have to DO your own taxes to take advantage of this information. You could be using TurboTax, H&R Block or any other tax service you want. They are the ones who FILE your taxes. You are the person who lives in your home 24 hours a day. It is your changes in your own lifestyle which can then reap the many benefits.

Yes, there are some technical details in here about LLCs, S-Corporations and other entities which you might just use once and be done with. Other tips, though, have long term, use-weekly benefits. Ideas about health club dues, mileage logs, even taking photos of your "home office" to document that it really is being used as office space throughout the year are greatly beneficial.

You could even throw a party celebrating 10 years in business, inviting everyone to celebrate, and deduct part of the expenses!

Well recommended for anyone who has considered working from home. The tips will really help you maximize your savings.

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