Mighty Bright - LED Book Light

I read a fair amount in situations where I do not want a "room light" to be on. This might be because I am laying in bed while my partner is sound asleep, or sometimes it's just nice to curl up in a room without all the lights blaring (and wasting electricity). It's nice to have a candle or two burning, curled up snugly, with just the booklight to light my reading. My eyesight is very important to me, so I want to make sure in these situations that I have as little eyestrain as possible.

That's where the Mighty Bright LED Book Light comes in. It has a pair of LED lights and you can set it to have one or both of them on. The light is VERY bright and is perfect for nighttime reading. The clip part of it is nice and strong, but there's padding on the inside of both halves of the clip so it's gentle on whatever you clip it to.

I'm very impressed with the neck area. It is thin, very flexible, and holds its position at exactly the twist and angle you put it at. You can pretty much angle it any way you imagine. This means you can line it up perfectly to be out of your field of vision. For the Kindle, you can aim it so there's no glare at all from the screen.

I was a little nervous at first about clipping it onto the Kindle itself, but I found if you clip it the top over where the "scroll bar" is that it pressed evenly on the plastic case without getting in the way of any of the buttons.

The LED lights themselves are pretty much infinitely good, and it takes THREE AAA batteries (not two as some other reviews state). They last about 40 hours, which is quite a fair amount for a battery powered flashlight.

I've tried a bunch of lights in the past, and this is really an impressive improvement over previous versions. Because they're LEDs, they don't get hot! Always an important thing for something you're holding near your face and hands.

Highly recommended!

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