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I used MKTG by Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel for a course on Marketing at Northeastern University. The book itself was fairly well written. There are clear examples, helpful visuals, and good details. The book goes into how marketing works for services and non-profits as its own section, for example, so that people in those fields can get helpful tips on how to best pursue their potential customers. Examples are given of ads which work and don't work, and discussions delve into how marketing can vary across different cultures.

The book comes with a robust online set of tools, including videos. For my class we were assigned both the chapters to read as well as the online videos to watch. This is where I have my caveat.

The subtitles on the videos were *horrible*. In many cases they were wrong, and in some cases they were so wrong that they changed the meaning of the sentence. It doesn't seem like even a cursory look was made over what the subtitles were saying.

And that only made it that much more annoying that the videos were generally promotions for the companies they were covering. They weren't "good and bad marketing in situation X" types of videos. Rather, they were glowing praises for company X, Y, and Z, about how fantastic they were, and how they were marketing geniuses. Going through that once was bad enough, but the videos kept covering the same companies over and over again as the chapters rolled on. It got to be a bit much.

I'll give the book praise for doing its job well. However, whoever was in charge of the videos needs to give them a complete overhaul.

Rating: 4/5

I purchased this book with my own funds in order to take my class.

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