It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't raised a baby just what it's like to deal with the sudden stress of responsibility, the complete lack of sleep, the hungry cries and the wild hormonal swings that occur. This book does a great job of adding a lighthearted look into the situation and helping a new mom smile with recognition.

Momnesia You definitely don't want to take this book too seriously. There are silly word scrambles where the words only have 2 letters each. Rearrange TI into a word. There are maps of the brain, showing just how confused it has become. Suggestions for how to survive a cocktail party when your brain is mostly asleep. Great drawings and funny stories.

The book helps a new mom realize that she's not alone in what she's going through - that every new mother has felt fuzzy headed, has made mistakes, has to struggle sometimes to adjust to her new world. A lot of the book is about breast pump humor and hormonal surges, so I do say that this is for natural moms - not for dads or adoptive parents. I don't mind that - there are enough books out there that there are 'cute funny' books for every segment of the population.

This is a great book to give as a new baby present. I'm not sure I'd give it as a baby shower present - the mom-to-be simply won't get many of the jokes or sympathize fully with them. If you give her the book after week one or two of having the baby in her arms, suddenly the book becomes hilarious and she understands just where the jokes are coming from. And then she'll start crying. Darn hormones!

Well recommended.

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