100 Ways to Motivate Others

Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson are no strangers to helping people become better leaders - these tips are the result of many seminars and books they have done in the past. The book is able to give many real life examples from those seminars of situations in which these suggestions really made a difference.

While other management books drone on and on for long chapters, often losing sight of the aim, this book is very straightforward. 100 separate tips. Each tip is short, concise, but immediately useful. Try reading just one tip each day. Put a post-it on your monitor, reminding you to think about it. Find ways to apply it. Like anything else in life, you'll find some tips that don't really apply to you - but others that are amazingly helpful. As you collect those helpful tips, you can really find your work environment becoming more and more smooth.

Many things in here are things you know - but you never practice because you're just too busy or frustrated. For example, the book says to focus on one thing at a time. We know that when you focus on something, you tend to do well. But in modern offices, you have your email beeping, your phone ringing, people stopping by, and more. You try to multitask. Usually this somehow gives you the sense that you're achieving more - but in reality nothing is done as well, and people that you interact with feel short changed. A key message here is to slow down, focus, organize your priority list and really take care of issues. You feel much more relaxed at the end of the day, the people you work with feel like you really paid attention to their issues, and often you get far more done.

One issue I had with the book is they gloss over some issues. In a few tips on time management, for example, they talk about how everybody in the world only has 24 hours in a day and it's silly to complain you don't have enough time for your workload. I'm not sure what THEIR workload is like, but at my job, there honestly is NOT enough time in a given day to do all the tasks I need to do. In essence I need to find more people to help me, and to take on some of those tasks so I actually have a good match between what needs to be done and how many hours I can stay awake. It would have been nice if they'd talked about that, vs making it seem like this couldn't be a problem.

That being said, the book really does have quite a number of gems in it, and is well worth reading multiple times.

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