New Year, New Job

Let me say first that I am personally familiar with Susan Joyce. I have been impressed with her Job-Hunt website for many years now and have discussed issues of finding a job and dealing with layoff stress with her. When I saw that she had this ebook available on how to best utilize the holiday time period to improve job hunting chances, I immediately bought a copy.

Once again Susan shines in her knowledge and the way she presents information. This collection of tips is useful and can be put into practical action.

It's important to note that this is an organized collection of tips. Some books are step-by-step manuals of what to do. Others give you tips to learn from. This book is definitely of the latter variety. That means some tips might seem like common sense to you while others are that one gem you desperately needed to land the perfect job. It could be that the item you felt was common sense, to someone else that was the perfect gem that helped THEM. That's the beauty of these types of books. We all need help - and we tend to all need help in different areas. You read through and find the items that speak to you.

So many people give up on job hunting during the holidays, and clearly this is a big mistake. Susan lays out why. There is less competition during the holiday period. Many companies are wrapping up their financial year and need to get those hires done before December 31st. Some are pushing to hire for tax reasons.

The tips are great. For example, the ebook recommends setting up a camera - even a cameraphone will do fine - and recording yourself doing mock interviews in your full interview clothing. This will help you note tics and other behavior which you can smooth out before you go live.

I love the suggestions, I love the range of examples given, and I also love the friendly, supportive language Susan and her team use. They know it's tough. They're here to help.

Highly recommended. I found a number of useful tips in here, to help me with my own projects!

I paid for my copy of my ebook, for my own use and for this review.

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