One Big Thing

There are two things to say up front which will help ensure the book meets your needs. First, the book has a fairly noticeable Christian slant. Quotes such as "The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross" are not rare. This will be great for some people, and off-putting for others. Second, the book can sometimes be a bit snide, for example where it makes fun of gender studies and multiculturalism. So if this would bother you, again, probably not the book for you.

One Big Thing So, with that being said, Phil Cooke sets out in One B1G Thing to help you find ... your one big thing. Yes, it makes sense. He wants to help you figure out what makes you different, to focus on your strengths, and to outsource your weaknesses. If you hate marketing, that's fine! Find someone else to do your marketing for you. If your brilliance is in designing gorgeous webpages, play to your strengths. You can always hire someone else to do that social networking for you.

Like many other books, he lays out the basics we should all know but often we forget. Listen to criticism, and admit mistakes. Be patient. Say no to distractions so you have time for what is really important. Write things down. The more you build these little habits into your daily life, the more your overall progress can go smoothly and you can reach your goals.

Yes, this isn't groundbreaking stuff. And yet so many people still haven't gotten the hang of the basics. They get wildly out of joint over little challenges. They ignore valuable advice over and over again, when a five minute tweak could have doubled their sales. Clearly there are many people who really need to hear this one more time. If this book finally has the specific language and atmosphere that helps them learn the message, then that's great.

I love one of his examples. Chandler, a famous author of film noir, was a miserable failure at age 44. He was fired during the Great Depression - hardly a time to find a new job. He started up again and wrote his first novel at 50. Even then, he wasn't an instant success. He had to work hard at it. Once he caught fire, though, the sky was the limit.

So hang in there. Figure out what you are great at doing. Then build a support team, eliminate distractions, and plow at it. As Confucius said, "Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart."


Rating: 4/5

I was provided a free review copy of this book via the Amazon Vine program.

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