Ongoing Crisis Communication

As much as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts say to "Be Prepared", it's quite easy for companies to put off worrying about a crisis. After all, the economy is rough. There's all sorts of critical things to focus on like landing sales and reducing costs. Who can afford to do something "frivolous" like worry about unlikely disasters?

Ongoing Crisis Communication As we see time and time again in the media, it's those disasters which can make or break a company. And, given that 75% of websites get hacked within 2 years, it's not exactly rare. Every company is just a breach away from a crisis they have to manage. Add into that disgruntled employees, Facebook, Twitter, and fickle technology, and it's amazing we all aren't in constant crisis mode.

Certainly, one might say that much in Ongoing Crisis Communication is common sense. Heck, all of life is common sense, when you come down to it. Still, it greatly helps to have someone organize the steps to go through, examples of real life issues to ponder, and guidance on how to get yourself organized. After all, if other companies have already learned through trial and error, it makes sense to learn from what they went through - and then to make your own path based on that.

Yes, maybe you might have been able to think up 80% of what they have here on their own if you sat down and researched it for a month. But if instead you can simply read this book, get that 80% well organized, plus get insight into another 20% you hadn't thought of, I consider that time well spent. When you're done you should have a workable crisis management plan that you can put in place for your company and then tune and perfect it over the months.

There's a lot of research packed into here, so you are getting the benefit of multiple points of view and study results. The book was revamped in 2012, so there's also awareness of the benefits and drawbacks of various social media networks.

If there's a complaint, it's that I'd like to see more how-to documents and templates. Give us an appendix with sample plans and forms and so on to use. That could help us jump-start the process even more clearly.

Still, a useful, well done book. When I finished with this, I had a fully written crisis management plan for my company, and felt much better prepared for when the next crisis hits. Because certainly it will, at some point :). Life is just like that.

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