Paving it Forward

Paving it Forward assumes you've read The Secret and other books on the Law of Attraction. This philosophy says that if you map out your goals with serious intention, and then work solidly towards those goals, keeping them as your primary focus in life, then you will achieve them. Many people believe in this as a theoretical possibility, but they have trouble achieving it in real life. They find it hard to concentrate on having a goal of a serene, happy home when the kids are screaming, the sauce is burning and the dog is barking.

Elisabeth Fayt comes in to offer practical advice on "pre-paves" - specific mantras, if you will, to get you taking that first step. So many wise people have talked about long journeys beginning with just one step. It might seem silly, but it is incredibly true. You have to get started. Even a tiny step is motion. By having a focus in mind when you start the day, you can weather roadbumps and sidetracks more easily.

Elisabeth is clear that you have to take action and direct your thoughts. You need to look for the good in others. Let them be without judging - you are the way you are, they are the way they are, and life goes on. You are NOT a doormat - but also you don't get agonized over others' actions and words.

You can't sit back, you can't win the lottery without buying a ticket. You have go plan out your goals and focus on them. Don't try to do it alone! Surround yourself with friends and a network which supports you in your goals.

Most of all be calm and patient. Remember, Thomas Edison supposedly said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work." Every setback teaches you something valuable, information you can use to ultimately reach your goal. The ones who succeed are the ones who stubbornly keep at it, overcoming those hurdles.

I wouldn't say the book is perfect. The examples are sometimes iffy. A guy decides his way to exercise is to run up and down the halls - and when a lady sticks her head out of her room to try to get him to stop, Elisabeth says it is the WOMAN who is out of line. Surely the guy could have found a less intrusive way to get in his exercise! Your own growth shouldn't come at the expense of other peoples' sanity. I also found far too many examples which extolled Elisabeth's spa network. I think I got the promotion idea after the first few mentions.

Still, the core message here is very solid. What you hold in your mind affects everything you do during a day. If you wake up grumpy, and answer the phone grumpily when customers call, it's going to affect your success in dealing with them. Instead imagine you wake up and say deliberately to yourself, "every interaction today will help me learn something." Your conversations could have a much different result!

Well recommended - but remember that you have to USE the pre-paves! Don't just read the book. Actually choose a few that really speak to you, and focus on them. You might be amazed at how you can affect the way your day goes.

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