Positive Thinking Every Day

Thousands of studies have shown how much stress affects your emotions and health - and how reducing stress can have an incredibly powerful effect on your daily life. The mindset you set up for yourself each day can literally make you more healthy - and keep you that way.

This is where Norman Vincent Peale's book comes in. Every day it provides something for you to consider, a blurb to think about. You don't have to read the book straight through. In fact, it works better if you don't. Just keep it on your desk. Pick it up every day or so and see what it says. Think about the words. If you come across a favorite saying, post that up by your computer monitor. Each of us will find different pages which speak to us personally - which is why it's great that there are 365 of them!

For example, here's one. "For the next twenty-four hours, deliberately speak hopefully about everything, about your job, about your children's marks in school, about your health, and about your future." Isn't that an amazing thought - that it might be a challenge to be hopeful, just for 24 hours? If you were actively hopeful, what kind of beneficial ripple effects might that have on others around you? It could literally make your entire environment incrementally better.

It is tempting to want this information in calendar form, one of those page-a-day to go through. On the other hand, with that system you'd have to buy a new one each year. With this book, you can just move a bookmark through it each day, and you don't have to buy another book when the year is up.

If I have a complaint, it's that the book doesn't say it's Christian up front - but there are a fair number of God references in it. I don't mind books that promote Christianity, but they should let you know they're going to do that, rather than just having it pop up once you've already bought it.

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