Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

It's always important to caveat with any investment or financial book that a book cannot "make you rich". You have to follow the suggestions, invest the time to bulk up your skills, and of course have some success in going with a company that survives the ups and downs of life on this planet Earth.

Natalie does a great job of walking you through the basics of how to invest wisely - and in a way that makes you truly contented. Yes, you want to make money. That's why people invest. But you also want to be happy. There are more than enough examples out there of people who have money and who are completely miserable. You want to find a way to have the money you want to thrive as well as a contented heart to enjoy that lifestyle.

So what does she say? Her three main points for success are:

* Buy what you love
* Pick a leader
* Buy low, sell high

Of course, many of these sound like common sense, and of course they are! Natalie goes into great detail with each of these, helping you to really understand HOW to do these things. For example, what does "buy what you love" mean? It means to invest in companies you really believe in. Say for example I use Amazon all the time. I read Amazon news reports, I pay attention to when they change their site, I know when they have new releases. It means I really, honestly care about Amazon and are on top of what they are doing. Because of that, I make a great investor. I know what they are up to without having to "do boring research". I can react to their changes almost immediately because I am actively interested in them.

There are always going to be things outside of your control. How do you know when to "buy low"? How do you know if this exact day is their lowest day and that tomorrow might not be 1 penny lower before they go up again? Natalie helps you with that stuff. A main key is to think about this all in the long term view. It doesn't really matter if the stock goes up a penny or down a penny. You want to watch for trends, to know how healthy the company is, to understand what its future is about and what its competitors are up to. Stephanie gives you great road maps towards those goals.

Well recommended as a book to get you started on the right path.

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