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I've read many management books over the years, and a lot of them share a common set of themes. That's quite OK. Sometimes a person might not "get it" with book one or two, but for whatever reason Book 3 explains it in just the right language. So one key with Renewal Coaching is to know you might have read some of the material before. Keep reading. You never know which tip will be just right for you, and connect to make a big impact.

Renewal Coaching by Douglas B. Reeves and Elle Allison is all about how to help others you influence - typically your employees or clients - reach greater heights. A large section of the book is specifically about how to run a coaching consulting business. So this is the first thing to understand. The focus of the book is on becoming a quality coach who can branch out to (or focus on) a consulting business.

There are many self-quizzes in here to help you think about your skills, evaluate your weaknesses and figure out what to focus on. Like with any book, it's important that you take the quizzes and really think about them. A book can only show you the path - you have to put in the energy and effort to walk it.

Your choice as a "guider" is to command or to coach. I imagine you can guess which path the book recommends :) Change is normal, good, and healthy. It is how we grow. Use journaling and meditation to open up alternative ideas to try. If you hit hurdles, deliberately project positive thoughts and emotions. See it as a potentially wonderful chance to change, not as an awful trial.

*Every* conversation matters, no matter how "small". You never know which random talk will lead to big changes. Be open to rethinking issues which you thought you were set on.

It is the ability to change, to relate, and to focus on the positive which affects everything you do in life. In studies of couples, researchers could tell in 15 minutes if the couple would be together in 15 years. Attitudes such as contempt, defensiveness, criticism and stonewalling were sure signs of trouble.

Develop good feedback circles that provide sincere, honest, and positive feedback. Look at hurdles as opportunities - but don't ignore them. This is not about being a Pollyanna. It's about always growing and learning.

Find out what renews you in life and pursue it. Find quiet time in every day to draw inspiration from - jogging, sipping coffee, walking the dog. Find enthusiastic people to mentor. Mentoring others who have a passion can rekindle yours.

Feedback should NOT dampen enthusiasm. It should help you understand the challenges and promote the rewards of success.

If you get stuck, figure out what ONE thing you can change to help you meet your goals. Focus on just one small thing, and work on that.

Be sure to LISTEN. It's a rare skill to really hear another person.

I love one of the examples they provided. A guy prepared a seminar for 200 people - including paying for 200 copies of his materials. When he showed up at the location, only 7 people were there. Many speakers would have walked out in disgust or given a half-hearted performance. This guy - while momentary disappointed at the money he'd "wasted", nevertheless decided to give these 7 people the time of their lives. They had paid, they had shown up, and he would treat them well. He gave it his all. It turns out one of the people in the audience was a top management person who booked the speaker for numerous shows, and the speaker's career skyrocketed. All because he took a deep breath and decided to do his very best.

So yes, much of this information is "standard fare" - but I did enjoy reading it, and many tips resonated with me. The book is most useful for people who specifically intend to become a coach either in their management role or as a consultant.

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