1001 Ways to Reward Employees

I own a charity-focussed website, and have over 300 volunteers who donate their time and effort towards the site's efforts. We deliberately channel all the extra money we can towards charities. I greatly value and appreciate all of the volunteers efforts and try to do my very best to show them my appreciation. I bought this book looking for ways to help those volunteers to feel cared for and respected.

You get about 225 pages worth of one-paragraph blurbs describing specific ways that companies have recognized their employees. Many of these, despite the book's subtitle of "low cost ideas", are rather expensive. Leo Burnett provides $3,000 in adoption assistance. Kollmorgen Corporation takes its people for ocean cruises. Domino Pizza holds company-wide Olympics, giving away $4,000. I just don't have that kind of budget.

Still, as with most management books, if you go through the details, you can pick out a few great ideas amongst all of the ones which are entirely unworkable. You can make a hall of fame of outstanding employees. Create awards for individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty. Recognize great contributions immediately, and encourage people to offer up suggestions on how to improve things. Find ways to help your employees become healthier and happier.

I really did appreciate many of the suggestions, like offering cash prizes, would help companies with spare cash. I think I was disappointed because right at the top of the book it says "money isn't everything" and "low-cost ideas". There were a few inexpensive ideas at the beginning of the book - and then it promptly went into things requiring a fair amount of money or are simply cash bonusses. If I had money to burn, then I could *easily* think up thousands of ways to reward my volunteers without any help at all. That would be easy! The balancing act is that I do *not* have a lot of money - but want those volunteers to know how incredibly valuable they are. That is the challenge, and I had hoped this book would help me with that. The book claimed on its cover that it would ... but that wasn't quite what it offered.

For those with a fair amount of money, the book will be a great help. However, I think that it should remove the "money isn't everything" title at the top, given how many of its suggestions are either cash awards, or costly items.

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