Sell Your Jewelry

Let's make it clear up front - this book is written for someone new to the jewelry sales business. If you're already selling well at craft shows and online, you probably know the things in this book. That's fine. The book is aimed at the people who need hand holding through the basics of getting started in the world of jewelry sales.

The book starts right from the beginning. How to define your style. How to find a niche in the crowded market. It talks you through the economy of buying in bulk, gives you steps on creating a market for your creations. It gives you wise advice that newbies might not think about - like avoiding fads that could leave you with tons of inventory when they move on.

The book helps you figure out how to get to your audience. It gives tips for being professional, organized, and presenting quality packaging. It talks about pricing your items to cover your various costs properly.

One down side - the book talk about different displays but there are no photos. I'd really like to see images of what works and what doesn't work.

On to the tips. Create an affiliate program, lure friends and family into helping sell the items by giving them monetary incentive. If you're using Etsy to sell wares, the sweet spot is under $25 an item. List a few each day to keep your listings in the top of the results area.

There's business information here too - creating a business plan, setting up goals, sticking to deadlines. Work efficiently - create items in bulk, optimize your time.

All in all, great information for the person new to jewelry selling!

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