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I run five different WordPress blogs. Sure, I've read the various pages out there on how to use them properly. Still, it can be confusing when I have conflicting information coming at me from multiple sources. How do I know which technique will be worth my time and energy?

Karen Callahan has proven she knows her stuff with her work for a variety of clients. She lays out the information you need to know in simple, easy to use terms. You don't have to struggle to figure out what to do. She provides the screenshots, tells you step by step what to do, and then you see the results.

One of the key things I took away from this is that it's critical to have your blog at YOUR website. I've heard from some people who try to game the system that they were setting up external blogs to drive traffic to their website, as if it was a "third party". Unfortunately, apparently this is easily spotted by Google, and not only that, Google then gives the external blog a higher ranking because now they are the "influencer" and your website is simply an "end link". Your blog is stealing traffic from your website! You definitely don't want that to happen.

There's a lot of valuable information in here, and it's clear that Callahan is staying up to date with the latest changes released by Google. It's easy on the web to find data from a year or two ago which is horribly out of date. The world changes very quickly on the web. Callahan's information is timely, accurate, and quite useful.

Highly recommended to any blogger who cares about their traffic.

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