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Different people learn information in different ways. I think we can all agree with that. Some people do best with a book and quiet, some people do best in a seminar with a dynamic speakers. Some people are visual, some people like to hear a discussion. This "Start Your Own Company" card pack helps to provide a non-book method for people to learn the ins and outs about creating their own new project.

The cards are a bit larger than playing cards and are laminated. They come in three main groups - vision, launch, and follow through.

You start with "Vision". Each card has a graphic on the front with the key words. So "list the reasons you want your own company". "Identify your target market". "List your company values". On the back of each card is text to help you learn why it's important to do this step and to give you some advice on it. You can lay out the cards and pick up the one that calls to you as important right now. You can shuffle them and take out one at random. You can go diligently through them one at a time to work through it methodically. Whatever works for your style, it's there.

You move on to "Launch". This is where you "find office space" (if needed), "write a business plan", open a business bank account" and so on. These are the steps of creating your business successfully. You might know all of these steps, or you might have missed one. The tips provided might help you do a better job with the task you're on. Again, you can use the cards in many ways. Carry one in your purse to get you to work on a certain goal. Stick one on your computer as a focal point.

Next comes 'Follow through". This helps you keep your new company on the right track. "Treat your clients well". It can be so easy to get grumpy with clients, and lose sight of the long term value! "Get a line of credit". It's important to do that when you're in GOOD financial shape, not when you're running low and really need the money!

There are milestones too, to help you celebrate your successes.

Are the cards "better" than a book? That's a hard question to answer. It's like asking if strawberry ice cream is better than chocolate. Some people love strawberry, some love chocolate. They're different flavors. The same is true here. I'm sure some people adore books and ONLY books and won't understand the cards. Others, though, will really relate to the cards far better than to a book and feel inspired and enthused by them.

I do want to add that these cards should be IN ADDITION to a good book on basics. For example, while the card on insurance does talk about insurance, it only covers it briefly. You want a book that has all the details for you as a "backup" in case you need help with a step. But for visually minded people, the cards are a great way to get you focused and on your way.

Well recommended.

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