The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People

We all want to be successful. We all want it to be simple. Are there secrets we can get from a book? Hurrah, talk about easy!

This book combines those human desires with another one - the need for silly trivia. This bathroom-perfect-book has 100 different bizarre studies, telling you that 64% of people who felt they failed felt it was someone else's fault. 70% of successful long term managers focus on an even keel in daily life, rather than focussing on highs and lows. 90% of people feel they'll someday hit their career goals.

Each of the studies is accompanied by a little blurb that sometimes relates to the study - and sometimes does not. You also get a short illustrative story featuring a person who comes to an insight about their job or life.

None of the items here are life changing ideas. They're all common sense, and some of them are quite silly. You learn that "it might get worse before it gets better" - so stick with it. On the other hand, maybe you should reevaluate your goals and decide on new, better ones. Who knows which is the better course. After all, "your goals are a living thing." Be sure to "find your own path" - but "don't want everything" - just the things that you should want. "Write down the directions" too - in case someone else is following along behind you and wants to follow your path, towards your goal. Which is changing.

I don't mean to tease this book too much. I did enjoy it. It had nice little thoughts in it that certainly were good to think about. They are like zen koans, things to think about and ponder. Maybe each morning you wake up you could flip the book to a random page, read its message, and then see how it applies to your life. Like "exercise and eat right". That sounds like a good one that could apply to every day. So could "hope springs eternal".

Then again, you could go to a website that gives you a random feel-good idea each day, and accomplish pretty much the same thing. So it all depends if you have a computer screen in your bathroom, or if this book satisfies that need for you.

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