Self-Employed Tax Solutions

I pretty much never comment about the font a book is done in, but let me start out my review by saying that this book had the oddest font choice I've seen. The letters were very thin, squarish, and actually hard to read against the white. It made me realize just how important something like font can be in a book.

So, on to the content. This book is written by a self-employed person, for self-employed people, to help them manage their records for taxes. She doesn't want you to DO your taxes - she wants you to hire someone, like her, to do them for you :). She just wants you to be informed about what is going on, and to perhaps help prod your tax person along if they're not very good.

In case you were thinking this book was a mere "nice to have", she says in her introduction that "Such complications [of not handling this properly] could prove fatal to your enterprise." I love it how books say "you must buy me or you will DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH!!!" A page later, she promises "If you use this method, you will never miss a tax deduction" which I sort of doubt :) So this book has already hit a few of my buttons in book reading - threatening certain doom if I don't get the book, promising the moon, and being hard to read :)

Much of the first part of the book focusses on whether you should go into business for yourself, what it means to be self employed, and whether you should be a DBA, Sole Proprietor, LLC, etc. Hopefully anybody looking for tax solutions has already gone through those stages and isn't looking for all their information on these important decisions in a few pages of a tax book.

But on to the meat. When you get into the realm of *taxes*, the book really does well. It explains the difference between personal gifts (tax deductible up to $25 per person per year), entertainment expenses, free giveaway items (pens etc), charity donations, and more, in very clear language.

The book goes into travel deductions, home office deductions, leasing and buying equipment. It gives a ton of examples. Some people might find them annoying - I admit that many of them are quite silly. Still, it's easy enough to skip over them if you're not into cutesy examples, but if they help you absorb a concept, they are there for you to read.

Like with any business book, there are a lot of very common sense things in here - but a few very key tips. The interesting thing is of course that depending on who reads it, they might find different things to be fascinating vs well known. Something that one person says "of course" to, someone else might say "That'll save me thousands!" So it's good that all bases are covered in here.

Well recommended as a book to at least get out from your local library, or to get and share around your network of business-owning friends. It's not a book that I need to sit on my library shelf, but it was worthwhile to read and glean a few important tidbits from. I'll now pass it along to other business owners to let them pick out their own gems.

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