The 60 Second Innovator

Usually when I read through a book to review it I take a page or two of notes, some about good points, some about issues. With The 60 Second Innovator I took 8 pages of notes, and most of them were on useful tips to remember. The book packs a lot of information into a small size!

You could say that much of this is common sense, but clearly most of us need reminders on some of these points, to pay more attention to them. For example, listen to *all* feedback you get, no matter how it comes in. How many of us get defensive when we hear criticism, or dismiss a comment because we don't feel like hearing that person's opinion? Even if you receive a harsh message, look for the kernel of good in it - the change you can make to improve. If we listen to *every* type of suggestion that comes our way - whether by email, conversation, phone, or text - and we honestly examine it for ways we might improve, we could all make incredible changes in our careers and companies.

Many of the tips are like this. Subscribe to industry magazines, read industry websites, and immerse yourself in your chosen world. You never know what random page or article will give you just the information you need to take that next step!

Keep searching and thinking and growing. Combine ideas together. Combine services together! Research, learn, and then also give your brain quiet time to synthesize all this knowledge. Yes it's important to learn every detail you can - then give your grey cells the opportunity to merge together this knowledge into a new breakthrough idea. Keep offering your brain new techniques. Use vision boards, doodling, word lists, numbered steps, and switch between them. A new system might give you that insight that eluded you.

Surround yourself with people who believe in your cause, who you can bounce ideas off of and get new insights. Take notes to reinforce things you're learning. Record conversations when it's legal. Fill your environment with inspiring images and colors - create a paradise for your mind to flower in. *Every* task you do can be tweaked and improved - look for those opportunities. Also, prepare for the unexpected. Life never goes as planned, account for that. Bring notebooks to write in, books to read, to make use of down time.

Most of all, the book talks about opening your horizons and getting yourself open to new possibilities. Take a field trip, look through old files to see what new thoughts are in there, rearrange your desk, drive a different path to your chores, celebrate your victories, learn from your mis-steps and move on.

Well recommended for any person who wants to help make their life or work environment better.

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