The Fire Starter Sessions

Clearly this book is made for a certain type of audience. There are some who relate to dry, business-like tomes. There are some who need quiet step-by-step directions. LaPorte's angle is quite different. She uses giant letters, in-your-face language, and an exuberant tone. There are some who will find this to be "too much". For others, this is just the language which will finally get through to them. That's fine! That's why there are so many books out there. Different authors reach different people, and it's all about finding the books that speak to you, in your language.

Her message involves passion. Be persistent. Adhere to your moral character. I connect with her statement that "I'm a humanitarian ... who happens to be an entrepreneur". She tells you to do what you love and thrill at it.

Say no to what pulls you from what you love. Go for the *quality* easy, not the *cheap* easy. Delight in what you do. Take action THIS WEEK to build your skills. List how you want to feel, without analyzing or judging it. Imagine you go to the best gathering ever - who is there? How do you relate with them?

I love her examples. When you're asked what you do, what do you say - and how do you FEEL when you say it? Are you ashamed? Proud?

Focus on your future; don't dwell on your past. Visualize your goals not as "possible" but as done and ready. If you're criticized, breathe, take your time, be compassionate, and consider it. Saying "no" makes way for the yes in life. Fear can paralyze you - so try breathing in your pain, then breathe out joy. Don't ignore the pain. Face it and move past it.

Carry a notepad with you, keep one by the bed. Take notes. Don't lose that inspiration. Make sure any time management system you use takes into account your priorities and loves. We are all busy. That's not an excuse. Instead, find ways to ease up. "Be the generous one, the mentor". Clear the decks. Make time for what you love.

So there's a lot of great information here. But there's also some items in here that I have issues with. She boasts about having tea with Eckhart Tolle and a private meeting with the Dalai Lama. She says someone is wrong if they don't "look you in the eye". In many cultures it is *normal* not to look people in the eye - it is a sign of respect. She talks about "F*** your principles" - which goes quite against what I feel strongly about.

Still, no book is perfect. And I think it speaks clearly to its target audience, one who resonates well with powerful energy. So if that's you, this is a book you should read.

I was sent a free copy to review by the Amazon Vine program.

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