The Now Habit

I have reviewed a ton of self-help books over the years. Some are practical, some are more esoteric. The Now Habit by Neil Fiore definitely falls into the "very practical, very helpful" category.

I was recommended this book by a friend who procrastinated - she tried to get the book from the library and then procrastinated in reading it so she had to return it before she was done! Apparently the wait-list for this book was very long. I decided to order it right away from Amazon to see what it was about.

I took a TON of notes while reading this book. Every chapter had practical advice and insight into procrastination. A key message here is that procrastination is NOT a flaw. It is a coping technique that we learn because it works. If you are really stressed about a project, it is actually healthier for your body (short term) to back away from that stress. Of course, long term you get more and more stressed because of the delayed project, so it doesn't work out. You need to find other coping techniques which are both good short term and long term. The book helps you figure those out.

One of the things the book emphasizes is that people worry about being perfect. None of us are perfect. Even the Apollo moon rocket mission was technically "off course" 90% of the time! They kept correcting and tuning as they went and in the end they reached their goal. We humans need to allow for that in our own lives. Do the best you can, keep taking small steps, keep correcting as you go and you can achieve your dreams.

You need to balance work with rest, for your health. Don't try to work 24 hours a day - it does not lead to good work or good immune system functioning. Instead, balance work hours with rest and exercise hours. You actually work far better that way, and get far more done.

I found a lot of their self-tests very helpful, and they even have a section on how to deal with a spouse or partner (or child!) who procrastinates. There's information on how to be a co-worker or boss of a procrastinator. So even if you personally are pretty good with your time management, you can still find helpful information in here.

Highly recommended!

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