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I get quite a number of self-help, self-improvement, and achieve-your-goal books to read every month. I come to expect that many of them use the same techniques, since after all human beings tend to react to a common set of stimuli. I also come to expect that different authors will use different styles to get their point across - academic, cute, friendly, technical, and so on. All of this is fine. Different people connect with different techniques, so there is something for everyone.

I was really surprised, then, at just how convoluted "Think and Make It Happen" is. I attribute part of that to the fact that Dr. Cury is from Brazil and English is not his first language. It might be that the book was much more clear and direct in its original language. Perhaps whoever translated this book into English did a poor job.

The book claims to help people conquer anxiety and negative thoughts. However, it is primarily made up of feel-good stories. Guy X would beat his wife and children. He was a terror. He even pulled a gun on his wife and on Dr. Cury. Then he realized he was just sad and suddenly life was wonderful for the family.

Another man obsessed about his child being harmed. It crippled him, to be in constant worry. Then he met Dr. Cury and suddenly his life was much better.

These stories are nice - but anyone can tell nice stories. People read the book to find out HOW this is done, and the book is scant on details. It explains we tend to focus on bad memories and need to stop doing that. I think we all know that already :) The question is HOW do we do that? Dr. Cury talks about creating new "windows". This is probably another area where the translation was not done wonderfully. The descriptions they do have are just not very clearly laid out.

Finally, Dr. Cury doses the entire book with extremely heavy emphasis on Jesus. Ironically, he is likely to alienate both believers and non-believers with this. Non-believers are going to be annoyed that every chapter talks about how Jesus did X or Y or Z, thus proving Dr. Cury's ideas. Believers are going to be annoyed that Dr. Cury claims to know what Jesus was thinking, why he did things and what his emotional state was.

I agree completely that we control our own destiny, that with help and guidance we can retrain ourselves to handle anxiety and to become more positive in our outlook. I just do not believe this particular book does a good job at discussing the issues involved or laying out a practical set of techniques for people to follow.

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