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It is really challenging to conduct training well. Your students come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some might be visual learners, others might learn better by reading. All are distracted by various things in their lives. To be a high quality trainer and keep all of your students engaged and interested is a herculean task. I in general love the "Dummies" series and Training for Dummies is no exception. They do a wonderful job of taking a very complex subject and breaking it down into understandable topic areas.

The book starts at the basics. How do people learn? What are their different styles? By learning what types of students you might run into, it helps you learn how to interact with them in the way that best helps them.

You are stepped through setting up your training material - or revamping your existing material - so it gets into the recipients' brains most easily. You're shown how to evaluate your training material, how to tweak it over time, learn what works, fix what doesn't work, so that it becomes the most ideal training system you can create. You're coached in using visual aids, laying out the room, and all those "little things" that can really make or break a class.

There's even a section on dealing with specific problems in the classroom. What if someone is disruptive? What if you hit a personality problem? Every class is going to be different, and having knowledge about issues that can arise helps you be prepared for them with a solution.

If I have any complaint about this book, it's that it is primarily geared towards in-person training. Most of the training I do is remote. So a lot of the book doesn't apply to me. However, they simply don't have an "online training for dummies" book yet, so this is the best I can do. Even having to skip over some areas, the information in the book is highly valuable. So even if you're doing primarily remote training, I'd recommend this book. Just keep in mind that the areas on in-person training issues might not apply to you directly. You won't have to be organizing the chairs :)

Well recommended!

I bought this book myself at a local book store.

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