The Vision Board

The first thing to understand about this book is that it provides step by step instructions for creating a vision board. This is only one piece of having a healthy life. So, for example, if you want a vibrant back yard, you might get a book on how to build a birdhouse - but you wouldn't expect it to help you with the overall landscape planning.

This book is an important part of life planning - but make sure you get other books to give you the overall picture and plan.

So, on to the book. Joyce says to start NOW. Don't wait for "more money" or "the kids to graduate" before you start organizing your life. Start now, you can always revise later.

It's key to relax, spend quiet time and really contemplate WHAT your vision of your life is. Don't just randomly cut out pictures and stick them on a grid. Think about what your dreams are. Not just diamonds and fast cars, but security, love, health.

Joyce talks about using the GRABS system:
Gratitude - really appreciate NOW
Release, receive
Acknowledge, Ask
Be, believe

Go through the thinking / planning process many times, refining your goals for yourself. You can do this alone and with others.

One way to brainstorm is to draw a "map". Draw a picture of the most important thing to you in the center. Then draw lines out to key words that represent things important to you. Keep going with lines, swirls, whatever has meaning to you.

Think about a vision statement that encompasses your drive. You can use that in your vision board, and in your life in general.

Another idea is to think up a central image for yourself - a butterfly, a lion, whatever appeals to you. Use that not only in your vision board, but also find a hat, shirt, jewelry, or other items to reinforce that image to you in your daily life.

When you're ready, sit down with magazines, pictures and words. Cut out things that appeal to you. Then look through your selections. Are they locations? Active or static people? Groups or solo individuals?

Phrase your goals in an active, positive sense. Rather than saying "lose 10 pounds" say "be a healthy size". Rather than saying "stop smoking" say "have healthy lungs".

Think of colors that are meaningful to you. Does green mean health? Red mean love? Whatever colors you connect with, add those into your symbols.

You can make many vision boards and change them over time. Make a "seven wonders of my life". Make a "gratitude board". Take photos of your boards and put them on your computer, in your cell phone. Store the actual vision boards where you can see them, at eye level, in a place of honor. The board will be a constant reminder of your goals.

I agree with the idea of vision boards and the book provides a lot of photos of a variety of styles of vision boards to give you inspiration.

I do have a few issues with the book. First, some of its suggestions border on silly. Everyone should "add a couple of stuffed animals" to their board for romance? To me, stuffed animals do NOT imply romance :) I'm also concerned about the focus on "get millions of dollars and fancy cars!" in many areas.

Finally, readers should be aware that one of the first images involves a bare-breasted woman. That may not bother some people, but it's good to know in case it does.

A good guide to vision boards - but be sure to get other books to help you see where vision boards fit into your overall life planning process.

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