Creative Live! Cam Chat HD 720P, 5.7MP Webcam

I have used a Logitech webcam for years, and use it nightly to Skype with my father. I was very curious how the Creative HD Webcam would compare with it. Since I use my webcam so heavily, this is an important investment for me.

Creative Live! Cam Chat HD 720P, 5.7MP Webcam The setup on my Windows 7 system was extremely simple. It is pretty much plug and play. Once it was installed, I was able to use it, both for generic recording purposes as well as for Skype discussions.

The video and sound quality was not as good as the Logitech that I normally use, though. The image was not as crisp or clear. The sound was not as sharp. Since my father is hard of hearing, it's critical that the unit's built in microphone work well. Certainly it *works* - sound is audible. It's just not at the same level.

If I was doing an occasional chat, then the image quality might not matter much. However, since I do at least a full hour every day, it's important to me that the image I'm staring at is as good quality as possible. The Logitech definitely provides a higher quality, easier to see image.

In the end, this provides a reasonable product for the price. If you're just doing an occasional chat and simply need to be able to see and hear what is going on, I'd recommend this Creative Live! unit. If, however, you're doing more long term, frequent use, I'd upgrade to one of the higher quality models.

We received a free test unit of this webcam from the Amazon Vine program.

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