Dell Dimension 4600 3GHz
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I've had probably every major manufacturer's computer during my lifetime. I had teletype terminals in the house back in the 70s, went through the Texas Instruments, Apple IIc, IBM, and other entry computers, collecting Dells, Gateways, Acers and other brands along the way. I upgrade my system about every year because I am a database developer, use Photoshop for image processing, do a fair amount of VHS-to-DVD conversions as well as music work on my system. Also I'm a computer game reviewer so often upgrades are necessary to play the newer games.

So that all being said, I've been very pleased with the Dimension 4600 that I've had for about a year now. I tend to bang on my systems pretty hard - I'm at it probably 18 hours a day on work days, doing a wide variety of tasks. Often I'll be doing several serious processing tasks at the same time. With 1G of RAM, the system handles the load quite nicely, letting me alt-tab between Photoshop with gigantic images for a magazine cover, the database software which is crunching numbers, and other tasks that I do in the meantime.

I've never had any sort of issue with the machine. There was one time that a lightning strike hit nearby and while I had the computer on a UPS, I didn't have the network cable from the cable modem on one. The surge went through our cable line and fried the cable modem, the router and the network card. Even so, the rest of the Dell chugged along without any problem and once I put a new network card into it it was quite happy.

Well recommended!

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